Council Member Mathieu Eugene has a Track Record of Fighting for Education

  • As your council member, Mathieu Eugene has been fighting for more resources for our district’s public schools. It is his firmly held belief that all students deserve to have access to the best education possible, our children are our future and so we have a moral obligation to give them the best we can.


  • Council Member Mathieu Eugene has provided over $11 million to fund improvements to public schools in District 40. These projects have included installing air conditioning, providing new playgrounds, gymnasiums, science labs, computer centers, and more.


  •  Every year, Council Member Mathieu Eugene supports after-school programs in arts and sports for the schools in District 40.


  • Council Member Mathieu Eugene is a strong supporter of summer programs, summer jobs, and after school programs. He knows that education continues outside of the classroom and he will continue to fight for our children.