Council Member Mathieu Eugene has Dedicated His Life to Serving Young People

  • Council Member Eugene’s work in the City Council is a continuation of the work he has been doing for his entire life. Long before he was a City Council Member, Mathieu Eugene founded and led a community non-profit, Youth for Education and Sports, which provided after-school programs to thousands of young people in the Flatbush community.
  • As a city council member, Mathieu Eugene has fought to restore summer programs to our children, and to double the size of the Summer Youth Employment Program to 70,000 jobs, a historic level. This program provides important work experience as well as a paycheck to young people all around New York City.
  • Council Member Mathieu Eugene has also successfully fought to expand the number of shelter beds available to homeless youth.
  • Council Member Mathieu Eugene was instrumental in the launch of the city’s first year-round jobs for youth program.
  • Council Member Mathieu Eugene has passed important legislation in the city council to help the city provide opportunities to disconnected youth, young people who are neither working nor in school.